Carla Clark

Owner / Photographer

12 years ago I started putting together montages for weddings.  I absolutely loved it.   From there I started doing the photographs myself.  Weddings, photo editing, engagements,  and boudoir.  Now I have explored so many different venues and I must say, I love them all.  Cutting horse shows, dog shows, sports events, motocross, portrait and who knows what tomorrow. 

I describe consider myself an artist as well as a photographer.   Photography isn't just about seeing and processing an image.  It's about the relationship with your subject.   I take great pride in capturing the true spirit and personality of the people and subjects that I photograph.  My style has been described as creative, fun, engaging, and relaxed. 

MONTAGES are coming back to 

Studios 25!

Photos and video wrapped up all in one.  Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries,  funerals, any event.

Watch for the arrival!